[Chain Partners Insight] Bitcoin bolsters the Techfin revolution


We argue fintech before bitcoin is like mobile before iPhone. We expect bitcoin and other digital assets to significantly bolster Techfin, predicting mobile will play a financial platform role in the future
We highlight the most notable networks; 1) Starbucks – ICE – Microsoft”; 2) Goldman Sachs – Apple. Other than these two networks, we anticipate more financial and ICT companies to create digital asset networks going forward. More and more large corporations are making forays into the blockchain industry.
The destiny of startups is hinged on the way they cooperate with large corporations, in our view. This report shows the digital asset-oriented Techfin trend.

1) Mobile as a Bank
2) Digital Assets Stimulate the Techfin Revolution
3) Starbucks` Ambition to be the Bitcoin Financial Platform
4) The Reason Why Apple Chose Goldman Sachs for Apple Card’s Partner

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