Chain Partners Bitcoin Cloud Mining Advance Reservation

Chain Partners Bitcoin Cloud Mining Advance Reservation

Together with its overseas partners, Chain Partners has secured access to the latest mining equipment released earlier this year, such as Bitmain’s Antminer S17, which has been deeply out of stock due to shortages. Today, Chain Partners is preparing the launch of its all new CP Cloud Mining Service in conjunction with its mining operation partners.



The cloud-based mining service operated by Chain Partners is simple. It does not require installation of mining equipment, but instead, provides access to remote mining operations. Subscribers receive mined bitcoin everyday, converted into fiat, sent directly to their Daybit exchange accounts.

The next halving of Bitcoin is expected in May 2020. Since the previous years of the last two halving periods (2012 and 2016) showed the best mining returns, we see now as the best time for Bitcoin mining investment.



Chain Partners has now begun to accept reservations for the first batch of cloud mining subscribers, and mining operations begin in mid-July. In the first batch, we are offering a discounted rate of15,000TH/s for $69.3 USD per TH/s (tax-deductible). This is more than a 35% discount when compared to actually purchasing mining equipment at market prices. (ex. Antminer S17 costs KRW 128,300 per TH/s)

Prior to the official launch announcement on July 1, subscribers who reserve in advance by Sunday, June 30, will receive an additional 10% off. Pay only $63 per TH/s. (minimum contract unit 100TH/s) (profit simulation)


the 1st batch pre-order (first-come-first-serve basis)


[Reference] What is an Antminer S17? Bitmain, the world’s largest mining equipment company, released its next-generation Bitcoin mining equipment in February 2019 using 7-nanometer chips. Each miner has 53TH/s of performance, which is 3 times higher than the previous 16TH/s S9, with 28.6% higher energy efficiency. The S17 equipment is now out of stock at the official website of Bitmain.