Core Values

1. Seize the opportunity

We are at the beginning stages of distributed ledger technology. But we are certain of its future impact on the global financial system. We can quickly build a dominant position in the nascent industry and are searching for the brightest minds in computer science, cryptography, finance, economics, and law.

2. Shared Values

We are a team of misfits, entreprenuers, and technologists. We believe in actively building a better future for all. We are seeking like-minded individuals willing to take a chance on putting a dent in the universe!

3. Radical transparency

Our corporate culture pursues radical transparency. We believe direct and honest communication is the most effective way to build a sustainable organization. Our team is single-mindedly passionate in their endeavors but quick to change their perspective upon being presented with sufficient data supporting alternative viewpoints.

4. Merit-based performance

The flat company structure empowers employees to produce meaningful results with minimal oversight. Individuals are able to make key decisions that impact the ability to acheive overall objectives.