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Head of Research
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01. To work as

Head of Research, Joongsub Han

Q. What is your responsibility?

By way of introduction, I am Joongsub Han, Head of Research at the Finance Service Group at Chain Partners. Our team publishes reports by objectively analyzing the blockchain and digital assets (cryptocurrency) markets that have high information asymmetry. Daily reports and in-depth reports are periodically issued to help improve market understanding by members of the public, including investors.
Apart from that, I am responsible for external relations management, interacting with the media or other major institutions. I also provide consultation and advice to various businesses in Chain partners from the initial stage of planning.

Q. What businesses or positions can be found in the Research Center?
If there are capabilities necessary to work there, please explain.

Analysts and RAs (Research Associates) work at the Chain Partners Research Center. Since the work we do is similar to the research business at brokerage firms, people with RA experience have an easier time adapting. However, we don't restrict recruits to those who have prior research experience.
The most important aspect is the ability to work with initiative. Blockchain and digital assets markets are borderless, operating 24/7, day and night. In order to gain competitiveness in such a sleepless market, you need people who can set key goals and self-motivate themselves to work.
Since the Research Center processes huge amounts of information, we prefer people with a high level of curiosity, as well as those proficient in Excel, document publishing, and with attention to detail.

Q. If there is a dream you hope to achieve throughout your life, what is it, Joongsub?

I feel alive when I am doing something I Iike. I hope to have this feeling for a long time. As the digital assets market is a rapidly changing one, working at this company lets me keep my radar on at all times to be one of the first to attain new information. The fact that what I do leaves a significant impact on the market also makes me feel alive.
I hope to achieve a healthy work and life balance. I like reading and watching movies and I have my own Brunch and YouTube page. My hobbies give me time to relax and also inspiration for my work. Working in the blockchain industry requires understanding of not only the technological field but also international trends or business management knowledge, and I think my hobbies help me in this regard.
I used to dream of starting a company, but I realized that I am built more to be a supporter rather than a founder, after spending time with many people who have start-up experience. I have sincere respect for many founders who work tirelessly day and night to grow their companies and I offer them best wishes for their success. I hope we can see many more founders emerge in our society.

02. Blockchain is

“A box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

Q. What does the blockchain & digital assets industry mean to you, Joongsub?

There is a famous saying in the movie Forrest Gump that likens life to a box of chocolates. As you never know what you are gonna get before opening the box, nobody knows what kind of world the blockchain and digital assets industry will become. The process of searching for and creating value in an uncertain market gives me great joy.

Q. Is there a reason you decided to jump into the new blockchain & digital assets industry from the traditional finance sector?

As for myself and Chain Partners Research Center, we see digital assets as a new asset class developing in the 21st century. If the advent of the Internet brought about information cooperation, blockchain will disrupt the traditional financial industry as never before.
I used to be an analyst at a brokerage house in Hong Kong, reviewing IT companies in the Asia Pacific region. During the cryptocurrency boom in 2017, my friends asked me to buy Bitcoin for them as I was located in Hong Kong. This got me interested in the market for the first time. At the time, I thought the boom was similar to the bubble, but as large financial companies continued to jump onto the blockchain train even after the bubble subsided, I began analyzing the market in earnest.

03. Chain Partners is

“An organization that where people respect each other and generate performance”

Q. You came to Chains Partners, a small start-up compared to the large global financial company you used to work for.
What does it feel like working in a start-up?

I think the biggest attraction that start-ups offer is autonomy at work. The work environment in Chain Partners encourages people to self-set goals and accomplish them. I think in a conglomerate or a large company, the scope of what you can do is very limited. Upon joining as an analyst, I am now Head of the Research Center, all thanks to the organizational culture that awards performance achieved by individuals working with autonomy and self-accountability.

Q. What sets Chain Partners apart?

Chain Partners has a culture of communication that respects one another. We call everyone by their names not by their positions, with “Nim”, a title of respect. We even call our CEO just Charles Nim. Since this is very unusual compared to the corporate culture at traditional financial companies, it was hard to adjust at first. However, I soon realized that such a horizontal culture of communication creates an environment where everyone can freely express their opinions and collaborate.
Chain Partners has clear sets of principles and vision. During the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, many companies sought profits through unfair methods, which I felt was unsustainable. CEO Charles Pyo maintained a management philosophy of transparency, saying that we would be recognized for our market competitiveness through sound business and regulatory compliance. All the employees agreed to the CEO's philosophy, which I think is one of the greatest strengths of Chain Partners. We hold town hall meetings with all the staff members including the CEO to share the clear vision and goals of the company.