VALIDATOR1 (V1) is a 'Blockchain Ecosystem Builder' with the ultimate vision of a more decentralized society. V1’s aim is to provide an individualized solution for reliable governance, intricate infrastructure, and active community.

1. Optimal blockchain infrastructure development and operation

VALIDATOR1 has been involved in building and operating infrastructure for influential public blockchain projects such as EOS. V1 actively participated in EOS mainnet launch and operation. V1 aims to provide an individualized solution according to the varied needs of partners' protocols.

2. Blockchain governance specialist

VALIDATOR1 provides consulting services based on a deep understanding of governance which can help improve a protocol as well as enhance node operation. V1 serves as a design partner of top-tier blockchain projects by offering global governance experience and capabilities.

3. Community building experiences

VALIDATOR1’s social media channel has over 4,000 followers and has hosted offline meetups gathering more than 1,000 participants based on the community building know-how of EOSYS. It offers marketing and community building services by collaborating with Korean and international partners.

Charles Pyo (CEO) presenting VALIDATOR1 at ABF (Asia Blockchain & Fintech)


  1. 2019

    Partnership signed with ORBS of Hexa Group, the biggest blockchain group in Israel
    Strategic partnership signed with Aergo, a technology-based enterprise blockchain platform
    Partnership signed with Sovrin, a global decentralized identity verification network
  2. 2018

    Launch of VALIDATOR1, Blockchain Ecosystem Builder
    Partnership signed with WORBLI, an EOSIO-based local chain specializing in finance
    EOSYS elected as EOS block producer (BP)
    Launch of EOSYS, EOS blockchain ecosystem builder
  3. 2017

    Launch of EOScan, a block explorer service showing EOS transaction details