Chain Partners Research examines digital assets from the perspective of institutional finance. The team is comprised of prominent analysts from traditional global brokerage firms.

1. Insight sharing through regular reports

Chain Partners Research regularly publishes quality reports on blockchain and digital assets trends. These reports are incorporated into news articles by the blockchain media and referred to as reliable information for academic papers.

2. Market updates through daily reports

Every morning, Chain Partners Research issues daily reports that cover major news and market trends across the crypto industry. Important indices of the blockchain and digital assets markets as well as news that occurred overnight are organized into daily reports to be uploaded on Telegram and the company's website.

3. Quality information provided to investors through various conferences, forums and seminars

Chain Partners Research regularly hosts events such as crypto finance conferences. It successfully held the Crypto Finance Forum 2018 at the ABF in Seoul, which was the first to be officially hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. A wide range of seminars and forums are held regularly for investors and institutions.

Crypto Finance Forum session during the ABF in Seoul


  1. 2019

    Report issued on Bloomberg, in partnership with Coindesk
    Hosted CP Media Talk
    Began issuing reports on FnGuide
  2. 2018

    Issued a series of reports containing proposals for the government to drive innovative growth in Korea
    Hosted the Crypto Finance Forum 2018
    Began issuing Crypto Daily
    Hosted a Private Forum for VC/IB
    Began issuing Crypto China, forecasting the Chinese cryptocurrency market
    Issued Korea Cryptocurrency Market Index (KCMI), which follows Korean Index Funds
    Began issuing CP Research Daily Report
    Founded Chain Partners Research