JellyJuice is a DApp publisher launched by EOSYS, a founding block producer on EOS.

1. User-friendly EOS blockchain

JellyJuice is a DApp studio where developers co-produce applications based on the EOS blockchain, the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The EOS blockchain has 0.5 second block times with no transaction fees, with a total of 710,000 accounts. Such features are essential for an entertainment application such as a game DApp that requires frequent small payments.

2. Efficient co-production of DApp

EOSYS has been working around the clock to boost the expansion of the EOS ecosystem since the very beginning of the EOS mainnet launch in June 2018 and has gained the No. 1 position among Korean block producers in the global block producer votes within the EOS community. Based on its active involvement and deep understanding of the community, it supports applications so they may successfully take root in the blockchain ecosystem.

3. EOSYS’s global core competencies and experience

JellyJuice enables co-development with existing app developers by providing the API to communicate with smart contracts on the blockchain. By doing so, those who don’t have blockchain knowledge are able to participate in the co-development of services based on the blockchain. This offers a completely new business model to app developers.

Richard Jung, head of Korea of, presenting at EOS Dapp Festa


  1. 2019

    Official launch of JellyJuice