EOSYS is the first Korean EOS block producer equipped with a global network capacity, envisioning the popularization of the EOS blockchain.

1. Optimal infrastructure

EOSYS maintains high-performance hardware with the best technology and security experts to ensure secure and stable block production, providing the optimal infrastructure for DApp developers.

2. Development Support and Investment

EOSYS develops, supports and invests in EOS’s core products and DApps based on experience developing specialized blockchain services such as EOSScan. Moreover, it revitalizes the EOS ecosystem by holding hackathons and arranging clubs and meetups for developers and students.

3. Community Support

EOSYS is dedicated to community building by creating communities and research groups. By exchanging opinions with other BPs, it is establishing its community philosophy.

Richard Jung, head of Korea for Block.one, presenting at EOS Dapp Festa


  1. 2019

    MOU signed with Meet.one to develop the Chinese and Korean markets
    MOU signed with Infinito Blockchain Holdings to foster the EOS ecosystem
  2. 2018

    EOSYS selected as a Chintai Manager for Chintai, a P2P EOS token leasing platform
    Launch of DApp Incubation Association, DIA, with HKEOS and EOS Cannon
    MOU signed with WORBLI for an EOS-based financial protocol project
    Launch of EOShub, the EOS Mainnet Toolkit Service
    EOS DApp Festa in Seoul co-hosted with KOREOS, the biggest EOS community in Korea
    DApp Development Contest hosted
    Launch of NOVA, the world's first EOS wallet app for iOS
    EOS official mainnet launched with the participation rate of 15% achieved
    EOSYS elected as one of the main EOS block producers (BP) at the 14th place
    Hosted EOSYS Seoul Meetup
    Declaration of candidacy for EOS Block Producer (BP) for the first time in Korea