EOSDAQ is an EOS-based decentralized exchange. The onchain structure processes every transaction, guaranteeing security and transparency.

1. Quick listings of airdrop tokens

EOSDAQ supports quick listings of all airdropped tokens. By swiftly listing all EOS-based tokens, the exchange provides liquidity to the market and contributes to the growth of the EOS ecosystem. EOSDAQ users can send their EOS-based tokens to their wallets and freely trade various EOS-based tokens.

2. Secure wallet

EOSDAQ offers solutions to hacking and theft by providing a safe and fully decentralized individual wallet and recording all transactions on the blockchain transparently via smart contract. All assets are securely stored in individual wallets and transactions are carried out in a direct and peer-to-peer manner, significantly reducing the risks of hacking, compared to its centralized peers.

3. Competitive transaction speed

EOSDAQ offers the fastest transaction speed among existing decentralized exchanges. Based on the unparalleled transaction speed of the EOS blockchain, orders are executed instantly.

Sungbae Kim of EOSDAQ presents at EOS Dapp Festa


  1. 2018

    Official launch of EOSDAQ service
    Selected as the first EOS-based DEX to be listed on imToken
    Participated in Future Blockchain Forum as a panelist
    Launch of EOSDAQ beta service
    Participation in ABF (Asia Blockchain & Fintech) in Seoul, a blockchain event, as a speaker
    MOU signed with IoTrust, a cold wallet provider
    EOSDAQ's Pre-Registration begins
    MOU signed with STEALIEN Inc., a top security company
    800 million won investment from Chain Partners