Decenter University offers optimized education programs at every level from market entry to starting a business. It is the one and only comprehensive and professional blockchain education institute, and aspires to become an education incubator of the blockchain industry.

1. Blockchain Business Introductory Course

The Blockchain Business Introductory Course has become an essential step for anyone entering the blockchain industry. Certified trainees of the course have become active participants in all areas of the industry from VC investment to DApp planning and development, media, training, legal advisory, and acceleration. They are pushing the envelope for the blockchain industry.

2. Blockchain VC Training Course

Blockchain VC Training Course provides an understanding of the blockchain industry based on industry trends and case studies. The course helps trainees by helping learners improve assessment of prospective investments and make better investment decisions through practical investment portfolio analysis. The course provides additional insight into innovative new business paradigms.

3. Blockchain Developer Course

Decenter University’s Blockchain Developer Course is a well-balanced blend of theory and practice that provides a basic understanding of the philosophy and operating principles of blockchain technology. It gives insight into the overall aspects of ecosystem such as governance, system configuration, and the environment and processes in which smart contracts run. The course is taught by qualified developers who are actively involved in blockchain projects.

4. Enterprise Training Course

Enterprise Training Course is a customized blockchain training program to improve employees' blockchain knowledge. With a team of professional lecturers with training know-how accumulated through many years and ample real-world experiences, the course offers the ideal curriculum to enhance overall competency for the enterprise.

Held Open Class - 'STO Opportunity or not?'


  1. 2019

    FOUNDERS 2019, which provides training and internship for college students, was co-hosted by Korea University
    Good Morning Decenter (Morning blockchain study groups)
  2. 2018

    Open Class: KYC-AML for blockchain projects
    Open Class: STO, Opportunity or Not
    Blockchain VC Training Course
    The 3rd Blockchain Business Introductory Course
    Core EOS Programming Course with GXC
    Open Class: 2-Hour Catching Up with Ever Changing EOS
    Open Class: A Quick Introduction to Blockchain with Kim, Kwang-Suk, economist
    The 2nd Blockchain Business Introductory Course
    Open Class: Legal Issues of ICO and Cryptocurrency Business
    The 1st Blockchain Business Introductory Course
    Establishment of Decenter
    Launch of Decenter University