DAYBIT is the world's first crypto exchange developed in Elixir, processing transactions 15 times faster than existing Java-based exchanges.

1. User convenience and stable operating conditions

DAYBIT offers unique order conditions such as stop-limit, which can hardly be found on other crypto exchanges. Trading becomes easier as users can set conditional orders in advance depending on the situation. In addition, every transaction, deposit and withdrawal, reward and airdrop, is 100% automated, removing any possibility of human error.

2. Fast cryptocurrency exchange built in Elixir

DAYBIT is developed in the programming language Elixir. The language has been primarily used for large-scale communication systems and provides 15 times faster speed than conventional Java-based exchanges. DAYBIT ensures a stable trading environment that enables smooth cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. It also provides a stock market exchange level of socket API.

3. Cryptocurrency wallet developed in-house by a team of technology experts

Most crypto exchanges in Korea rely on foreign crypto wallet solutions to store customers' digital assets. But this is risky, putting valuable assets in the control of third parties. On the other hand, with a pool of in-house developers, DAYBIT developed its own crypto wallet solution, providing the highest level of security for all its customers' assets.

Charles Pyo (CEO) and Jechol Lee (CTO) celebrating launch of DAYBIT


  1. 2019

    Charles Pyo steps down as co-CEO and co-founder Jechol Lee becomes sole CEO
    Addition of DAY utility functions
    Announcement of new roadmap for 2019
    Launch of the 2019 official communication channel for users
  2. 2018

    Launch of the EOS market
    Acquisition of Malta license for dealing with digital assets
    Launch of DAYBIT
    Launch of DAY Token Market
    Daily transaction volume exceeds $380 million
    DAYBIT reaches top 5 exchanges in Korea and top 15 globally
    DAYBIT begins its pre-registration