Chain Partners Advisory provides consulting and advisory services to Korean and international companies seeking assistance with an array of acceleration needs from token issuance to market entry and strategy.

1. Sharing actionable advice in the blockchain industry

Chain Partners Advisory is immersed in blockchain trends, and provides its clients with decisive information, insights, and connections. Service deliverables encompass the entire process of token issuance and traditional venture fundraising expertise. Clients can access a diverse range of business resources and views across Chain Partners in real-time, in order to exceed expected outcomes.

2. Advisory service for token sales and exchange listings

Chain Partners Advisory has provided advisory for and accelerated blockchain projects in different areas for the past year. The advisory skills and expertise gained in the process led to fruitful results. We have provided advisory on over 12 Korean and global projects covering all aspects of the business from business review to market positioning and listing/investment.

3. Discovery of promising global projects and localization

Chain Partners Advisory has established a broad reaching blockchain and crypto-network by participating across the industry. We are now aggressively expanding our partnership pool to establish a more practical business network, which in turn is solidifying our global network.

Blockchain Showcase during Korea Blockchain Week


  1. 2018

    Partnership established with CoinIN, a China-Korea Joint Venture Blockchain Media
    Partnership with WXY Group established
    Hosted T-Time, a private event for one-on-one investor pitches
    Partnership established with Haechi Labs, a provider of smart contract security auditing
    Partnership established with 'Decentraland', a decentralized virtual reality platform
    Partnership established with Asia Blockchain Accelerator (ABA)
    'Healthy Token Development and Operation Strategy A to Z,' a seminar hosted as part of ABF (Asia Blockchain & Fintech) in Seoul and co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Advisory service contract signed with Steemhunt, one of the top 10 global DApp projects
    Advisory service contract signed for a reverse ICO project, MovieBloc by KMPlayer
    Advisory service contract signed for a reverse ICO project, Streaum by SN Mobile
    Blockchain Showcase co-hosted with ConsenSys' Token Foundry during Korea Blockchain Week
    Participation at Blockchain Accelerate Conference (Tokenomia, Hashed, FoundationX)
    Advisory service contract signed with ‘HARA Token’, a major Indonesian ICO project
    Meetup co-hosted with ConsenSys' Token Foundry in Hong Kong
    Advisory service contract signed with AMO, a Reverse ICO Project of Penta Security
    Advisory service contract signed with Cloudbric for token issuance
    Tokenomia X Steemit Private Meetup hosted with Club1 Center of Hana Financial Group
    Advisory service contract signed for a reverse ICO for Insureum by ZIKTO
    'Crypto VIP Night' hosted as part of Deconomy
    Partnership agreement signed with ZPER, a decentralized P2P lending platform
    Launch of Token Issuance Advisory Team