Charles Pyo (CEO) delivering a presentation at the '2018 Fintech Conference' hosted by KORFIN



  1. Dec.
    Charles Pyo (CEO) selected as a member of Presidential Committee
    EOS trading pair launches on DAYBIT exchange
  2. Nov.
    Acquisition of Class 4 license, the top-level license for dealing with digital assets in Malta
    Launch of Behind, a P2P OTC trading platform for cryptocurrency
    Launch of VALIDATOR1, a blockchain ecosystem builder
  3. Oct.
    Chain Partners establishes branch office in the US
    ABF 2018 Global Blockchain Conference co-hosted with Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Launch of DAYBIT cryptocurrency exchange
    The number of Coinduck partner locations reaches 900 storefronts nationwide
    Launch of EOShub, an EOS toolkit service platform
  4. Sept.
    CP Research begins issuing Crypto Daily, providing crypto analysis and market updates
  5. Aug.
    CP Investment begins OTC trading
    Launch of Nova Wallet, the world's first EOS wallet app for iOS
  6. July
    Chain Partners X Consensys Meetup hosted in Hong Kong
    Launch of Pykl, a network platform for crypto influencers
  7. June
    EOSYS elected as EOS block producer (BP)
    CP Research begins issuing Crypto China
    EOSYS X EOS Gravity partnership
  8. May
    $10 million Series A investment
    (DSC Investment, Capstone Partners, DS Asset Management, Premier Partners, and Smilegate Investment)
    Meetup hosted with Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit
    Hosted inaugural EOSYS Seoul Meetup
  9. Apr.
    CP Research begins issuing In-depth Report
  10. Mar.
    Launch of EOSYS, an EOS blockchain ecosystem builder
    Establishment of CP Research, Korea's first cryptocurrency research center
    (Development of KCMI, Korea's first cryptocurrency market index)
  11. Feb.
    Launch of Tokenomia, token generation advisory group
    Charles Pyo (CEO) selected as an advisory member in the National Assembly's Special Committee
  12. Jan.
    Launch of Coinduck, the world's first offline Ethereum payment system
    Strategic partnership between Kyber Network and Coinduck
    Number of Coinduck partner locations reaches over 100


  1. Sept.
    Launch of CoinSight
  2. July
    Chain Partners Inc. founded
  3. June
    Launch of EOScan, a block explorer service showing EOS transactions