Polymath announces Chain Partners as key advisor solidifying Asia-Pacific expansion.


Chain Partners will provide advisory services to companies planning to launch compliant security token funded businesses in countries where they are are allowed by law. The company will provide comprehensive support surrounding security token offerings. Services will be conducted by advisors in compliant jurisdictions, while domestic legislation is proposed and enacted.

Chain Partners’ research center recently projected that the security token market would accelerate in 2019 with the entry of institutional investors. Although it is not yet possible in Korea for firms to offer security tokens due to the current regulatory environment, security token offerings have already begun in countries where legislation on digital assets are advancing.

Polymath is a leading security token platform that makes it easy to create security tokens while giving securities issuers the tools to maintain regulatory compliance. Five security token projects announced their intent to create security tokens using the Polymath platform, including real estate, intellectual property, and a tokenized venture fund, looking to raise around US $220 million.

Richard Kim, Vice President of Chain Partners, stated, “Our vision is to construct a sound digital asset market while complying with regulations. Polymath supports Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundry (AML), and security tokens issued and distributed on their platform are distributed to accredited investors. They are a partner that reinforces trust and transparency for compliant tokenized securities offerings.”

Trevor Koverko, CEO and co-founder of Polymath said, “Adding Chain Partners as an advisor on the Polymath platform shows our commitment to creating a truly global solution for securities issuers. We are excited that such a well respected company from the Asia-Pacific region is interested in offering their services to Polymath users, and we can’t wait for them to assist companies with the creation of security tokens and security token offerings.”


About Chain Partners

Chain Partners is a blockchain company builder founded in July 2017. The company has raised $14M in a Series A from Korean venture capital firms including DSC Investment, Capstone Partners, Premier Partners, and Smilegate Investment.

Chain Partners’ holdings include crypto asset exchange ‘Daybit’; P2P crypto asset trading platform ‘Behind’; enterprise blockchain platform ‘Polaris’; EOS block producer and accelerator ‘EOSYS’; token generation event advisory ‘TOKENOMIA’; cryptocurrency research center ‘CP Research’ and Ethereum-based payment service ‘Coinduck’. Chain Partners has invested in blockchain startups including cryptocurrency wallet ‘NOVA’ and decentralized exchange ‘EOSDAQ.’

Chain Partners has 120 employees across global business units encompassing the United States, Singapore, Malta, and Seoul. Chain Partners holds a VFAA ‘Class 4’ license for virtual financial assets as stipulated by the laws of Malta. (https://chain.partners)


Inquiries: Yeji Kim, PR manager at Chain Partners Inc., Communication team.


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