Making tech accessible through products.


Technology for all

We enhance lives with latest tech – making them easier and happier. Our user-friendly products empower people to achieve goals and live fulfilling lives.

Rapid adaptation

Limitless product development. We prioritize flexibility and agility, learning quickly and adapting to uncharted territory.

Excellence expected

Efficient, collaborative team of all-rounders prioritizing automation and sector-specific outsourcing to enhance customer experience.

Active Minds, Active Progress

Contextual communication. Spontaneous people. It’s okay to try and fail. But not doing anything is not acceptable.



We were South Korea’s first Web3 venture builder, raising $12M in funding. With a team of 120 employees, we created 15 blockchain/crypto startups.


Due to the crypto bear market, we had to close several startups, leading to many employees leaving, and ultimately, only three remaining.


We had a new business idea, and issued a token, which was a first for us. Using the financial resources from the token, we created a new team to develop Changer.


After 3 years of development, Changer was released. We’re now expanding the token ecosystem through partnerships and continuing our efforts as a Web3 product developer.


A seasoned serial entrepreneur with four successful startups under his belt. He has also served as a Crypto Policy Advisor for the Korean President and National Assembly.

A graduate of SNU and Chicago MBA. Jeehoon has worked as an engineer at HP and Samsung, as well as in VC, PE, and startup CFO roles before founding a quant firm.

Bill is a highly experienced and seasoned banker, having spent 10 years as the representative of State Street Korea branch and as a member of the APAC Management Committee.

A highly accomplished technologist with a BS and Master’s degree in CS from KAIST, has held senior roles including VP of Engineering at Moin, and at Blocko and S-Core.

Kyungmin is an experienced CTO in the O2O and Fintech industries with a passion for consumer product development. He currently leads CeFi product development.

An accomplished technologist with a CS Bachelor’s from Yonsei University, Carl served as Onther’s CTO and authored the Ethereum Layer-2 project whitepaper.


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